West-Coast Recess

Schools are increasingly sending students outside during their recess and lunch breaks in almost any kind of weather. Parents are often wondering why we do this so here is an FAQ on the topic to help people understand the thinking behind this.   I am concerned that my child will get sick being out in … [Read more…]

Math – nurturing thinking skills

Parents often ask about our Math curriculum and have concerns about how different it is from the way we were taught. They are concerned that their child needs more of “the basics”. In my conversations with parents the “basics” they are referring to are knowing how to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. They … [Read more…]

Multi-age Groupings

When students are placed in combined-age learning environments parents often have questions about the reasons for the placement. This post is to provide some insight into the thinking that goes into class placement for each child, and the reasons why combined-age classrooms are beneficial for students. I have organized this post in a “frequently asked … [Read more…]

Why Connectedness?

The focus of this blog is connectedness for many reasons which will become evident as posts begin to appear but here is a brief explanation to begin… My thinking around this was sparked by something small but significant. One day I held a door for a grandmother followed by a small child. The grandmother glanced and smiled her … [Read more…]