I am the Principal of an Elementary School who is passionate about designing learning environments that are personalized with the goal of supporting children in becoming successful learners who are able to find joy and passion in learning and in being present in their lives and their communities. I believe that as we rethink schools we need to widen our vision and see schools as community hubs where we come together to raise our children.

I have three blogs each with a different purpose:

Playing with Ideas was formerly “Thinking UDL” and still contains those ideas but I have widened the focus as my job has changed and it is now a space where I think out loud about things I read, see and view in education.

Connectedness is provides me with a space as part of my effort as a school leader to explain to the community the thinking behind what we do and how we design our learning environments. It is a place where minds can meet in order to work through misconceptions and where I encourage my community to participate so that we all gain a deeper understanding of how we can best support our kids as they grow and learn.

Anita’s Tips, Tricks & Weblinks is a space I created when I worked as a Staff Development Learning Support Teacher so that I could provide instructions for the use of various technology tools. It is like a technology FAQ. I will continue to post here occasionally when questions are asked.

You can contact me here: astrang@kidslinks.ca.

The picture in my header is licensed under Creative Commons and was found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/3502480391/

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